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Terminal Condition
An incurable and irreversible condition that, without the administration of life-sustaining treatment, will, in the opinion of the attending physician, result in death within a relatively short time.
As per Nevada Revised Statutes 449.590

Right to Die
Cases and statutes which recognize in some instances the right of a dying person to decline extraordinary treatment and the right of such a person's guardian to ask the court to substitute its judgment for that of the dying person who no longer has the mental capacity to make such judgment.
As per Black's Law Dictionary

Suffer or Suffering
To submit to or be forced to endure, allow, tolerate; to endure death, pain or distress handicap. The state or experience of one that suffers.
As per Webster's Dictionary

Palliative Care or Comfort Care
Care directed toward the quality of life of patients who are dying, including the relief of pain and other symptoms, attention to the psychological and spiritual needs of the patient, and providing support for the dying patient and the patient's family.
As per American Medical Association

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The direct administration of a lethal agent with the intent to hasten death.
As per American Medical Association

Physician Assisted Suicide
The provision of the means or information to kill oneself where the intent in providing the information is to aid the patient in committing a suicidal act.
As per American Medical Association

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Advance Directive
A patient-generated document specifying your desire regarding your future medical treatment under certain specified conditions. There are two types of Advance Directives. The first is the Living Will and the second is Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.

Living Will
Allows yout to express your healthcare choices ahead of time regarding whether you want life-sustaining treatment to begin or to continue if you are unable to communicate your wishes. This document goes into effect only when you are no longer able to communicate with healthcare providers and are determined by the doctor to have an incurable, irreversible condition.

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Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare
A document that allows you to appoint a person or persons to make healthcare decisions for him if he is unable to do so for any reason.

The Nevada Revised Statute 449.626(2) is the state law that prioritizes the order of authority for those who will make health care decisions for you in the event a written directive does not exist as follows:

  1. The spouse of the patient;
  2. An adult child of the patient or, if there is more than one child, a majority of the adult children who are reasonably available for consultation;
  3. The parents of the patient;
  4. An adult sibling of the patient or, if there is more than one adult sibling, a majority of the adult siblings who are reasonably available for consultation; or
  5. The nearest other adult relative of the patient by blood or adoption who is reasonably available for consultation.

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